I have written lots of things and edited even more.

I’m managing editor for some massive brands.

I’m CCO at Alpha 311, where our wind turbines use traffic to save the world.

I’ve edited consumer magazines, tech websites, ecommerce sites, B2B publications and handled digital media for charities.

I’ve taught journalism at a variety of colleges and universities.

I present at conferences, where I usually talk about copywriting or creativity.

I’m a newspaper columnist.

My writing has appeared in The Independent, The Telegraph, The Sun, The Guardian and loads of other places.

I’ve done a lot of radio work, and was for a time theatre correspondent on BBC radio. We’ll gloss over the wrestling podcast I co-hosted, but I’ll tell you more if you ask nicely.

I even contributed to an exhibition at the Science Museum, and I wish my own children were old enough at the time to properly understand how cool it was.

You can take a look at the things I’ve done on my portfolio page, and also have a read of some of my favourite pieces.

I briefly flirted with JournoPortfolio, so you can see some more bits and pieces there.

Surely this is enough for an About page?