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Bye, Rik

June 11, 2014   -   0 comments   -  

Very few celebrity deaths bother me. In fact, I think the last one that hit any kind of level deeper than “that’s sad, I feel sorry for their family” was Steve Irwin. But now Rik Mayall is dead. Mayall was involved in a surprising amount of movies – it wasn’t just Drop Dead Fred. From

Piracy will end when standards improve

May 6, 2012   -   0 comments   -  

The High Court has ruled that file-sharing site The Pirate Bay must be blocked by UK internet service providers. For the unaware, The Pirate Bay is perhaps the most popular file-sharing site on the web and allows people to access a huge range of content including movies, games and TV shows. Sky, Everything Everywhere, TalkTalk,