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On Philip Seymour Hoffman

February 2, 2014   -   0 comments   -  

Seconds before pressing ‘send’ on the original version of my newspaper column this week, the news about Philip Seymour Hoffman broke. At the moment, we know very little, other than he was found in his home, and it’s suspected he died of a drug overdose. Over the coming days there are going to be thousands

Spike Lee wants to sell you his old shoes

August 5, 2013   -   0 comments   -  

When Hollywood starts talking about Kickstarter, then you know it has jumped the shark.

Not content with having their own money, well-known filmmakers are now turning to crowdfunding website Kickstarter to get yours too, permeating the service like Japanese knotweed.

Spike Lee

The site is a genuine life-changing tool for people who have great ideas, but no money or contacts to make them a reality. Using Kickstarter, they can post their dream projects (artistic or otherwise) and if people like them, they can pledge money. The higher the amount pledged, the bigger the benefit they receive.

How short-sighted PRs are hurting their clients

June 10, 2012   -   5 comments   -  

After months of hype and a very cool viral campaign, Prometheus is upon us. You may have noticed that, unlike most new releases, the number of reviews out there before the release was quite small. Usually when this happens it’s because the studio knows that their film sucks, and they don’t hold preview screenings for

Why George Lucas is not getting any more of my money

February 19, 2012   -   1 comment   -  

Last week I was engaged in every geek’s favourite pastime – arguing online about Star Wars.

A review of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace 3D had fired up emotions between two equally passionate factions, so I stepped in with the following: “I think I’m probably representative of a lot of people who loved the originals, was disappointed with Episode I, but is still interested to see what the pod race and big battle with Darth Maul look like in 3D. Although I know it’s going to leave me disappointed, and filled with hate over the stupid cutesy rubbish (again), and even though I completely trust the reviewer’s opinion – my inner fanboy means I have to see it for myself.”

Of course, this wasn’t exactly what I said – it was online so slightly fruitier language was employed – but it’s how I have felt since the 3D rerelease was announced.

But now I’ve changed my mind. And this is why: IT’S NEVER GOING TO END.

Star Wars Phantom Menace 3D poster