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The dark heart of Christmas classics

December 29, 2011   -   1 comment   -  

It's A Wonderful Life

Picture the scene: It’s a wild and snowy night. A man stands on a bridge, staring into the icy river rushing below him and contemplating his life.

We have already been witness to extortion, fraud and domestic abuse. Over the next hour, this man’s little brother will drown, and our character will plunge into depression, assault a police officer and crash his car while drunk.

If you’re thinking that this is all from a newly unearthed screenplay by Arthur Miller, or perhaps a synopsis of Ken Loach’s latest work, you couldn’t be more wrong. Everything above, and more, takes place in It’s a Wonderful Life, the “feel-good family favourite” and regular winner of polls to find the public’s favourite Christmas film.

Interview with Sam Dunn, director of Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey

March 18, 2011   -   1 comment   -  

Forget Morgan Spurlock, the hottest new documentary maker is an unassuming Canadian named Sam Dunn. Along with Scot McFadyen, he has produced the year’s most exhilarating doc – and it’s all about metal.

Following the genre from its very beginnings, and including interviews with all of the movement’s major players, Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey is an absolute necessity for annoying with even a passing interest in heavy guitars and the vigorous banging of heads, and if not – what the fuck are you doing reading this mag?

Beginning with an argument over who can truly claim to be the first metal band, and taking in pretty much everything from metal’s relationship to opera, the use of the devil’s tritone, the infamous court cases of the 80s and more than a little hero worship, it’s an epic production. But did it feel that way while making it?

Sam Dunn director of Metal A Headbangers Journey